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This summer Matthew Modine starred as Deputy Police Commissioner Peter Foley in the final chapter of Christopher Nolan’s epic Batman trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises – one of the top grossing films of all time.
Matthew has worked with many of the film industry’s most respected directors, including, in no particular order, Christopher Nolan, Oliver Stone, Sir Alan Parker, Stanley Kubrick, Curtis Hanson, Robert Altman, Alan J. Pakula, John Schlesinger, Robert Falls, Sir Peter Hall, Abel Ferrara, Spike Lee, Tom DiCillo, Mike Figgis, Jonathan Demme, and John Sayles, to name but a few.


Modine has been nominated (And The Band Played On, What The Deaf Man Heard) for three Golden Globe Awards and received a Best Ensemble Golden Globe for Robert Altman’s Short Cuts. Modine played the title character in Alan Parker’s Birdy which won the Cannes Film Festival’s Gran Prix Award. Alan Rudolph’s Equinox received four Independent Spirit Award nominations including Best Actor for Modine and Best Film. He is the recipient of a Venice Film Festival Volpi Cup (Short Cuts) and the Best Actor Golden Lion Award (Streamers).


Matthew has recently completed two films. In jOBS, he portrays John Sculley, the man who “fired” Steve Jobs from the company he founded. Matthew stars opposite Ashton (Steve Jobs) Kutcher. Matthew also stars in Cat 8, a fact-based science fiction/action/adventure film.
In addition to his theatrical work, Matthew has developed and released several new media projects. His award-winning book, Full Metal Jacket Diary was recently released as the Full Metal Jacket Diary iPad App, a unique and deeply immersive experience with narration, audio effects, original music, never-before-seen photos, personal letters, and much more. Matthew is also collaborating with Dumfun and Glow Interactive on the newPunky Dunk Project children’s iPad app. The Punky Dunk Project is a fun, interactive, bilingual learning application now available on iTunes.

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