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An explorer at heart, Linda Abrams carries a pioneer’s zeal into each new journey in her life. Her passion for entertainment along with her curiousity, deep experience, meticulous standards and make it happen ethos have propelled her success. She’s built dozens of award-winning campaigns for some of the entertainment world’s most powerful media brands including Harry Potter, the Looney Tunes, ER and MTV’s Video Music Awards. She thrives at the forefront of new technologies and platforms, having guided the launch of MTV2 and In2TV and in creating her first entrepreneurial venture, StarGreetz, a personalized digital content company. Linda has always been committed to using the power of media to effect positive change whether it’s MTV’s Choose or Lose (voting), Free Your Mind (tolerance) and Enough is Enough (anti-violence) campaigns or with AOK, a “social game for good”. What Linda loves the most is harnessing the influence of media to make a meaningful difference, which is why she’s so happy to be part of the Art Effect team and The Hello Herman Project.

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