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Scenes for the video contest

Below are links to the four scenes from “Hello Herman”, that have been selected for our first national video contest.  Please click on any of the scenes and then download the PDF.  You can either act out on video, one (or more) of these scenes using the script OR you can rewrite and act this scene or scenes how it SHOULD have been — in a world without bullying.  You can also browse the videos on the homepage for inspiration.


Scene 1 – The Howards’ living room

Who’s to blame?  “They all blame me….”


Scene 2 – Herman Monologue w Lax

Why gun violence?   “Violence is the only way to make you assholes pay attention”


Scene 3 – Herman and Marsha

Why did they all have to tease him?  What makes a kid feel excluded?


Scene 4 – Bathroom scene

“You’re a sophomore, right, Herman? (Herman nods.) I remember when I was your age, the older boys would treat me the same way. Don’t worry about it. In a few years, things like that will all be fond memories of high school. You’ll probably be friends with those boys next year. It sounds crazy, but some of the greatest friendships start as fights…”


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Good Luck and have fun!