The Hello Herman Project was developed as a big idea between a team of friends, Art Effect USA and an anti-bullying organization, Champions Against Bullying. We all got tired of reading and hearing terrible stories about bullying and we decided to do what we can to put a stop to it. Since we all come from the entertainment and creative industries, we decided to turn to art to see how we can make art make a difference, starting with some art that we already knew, “Hello Herman”. We worked with our friends at Champions Against Bullying and other amazing leaders to help us make this happen.

“Hello Herman”, is a play written by one of these friends, John Buffalo Mailer. John wrote this play over 10 years ago as an artistic response to the Columbine High School tragedy. Hello Herman has been used by students and theater groups over the years to raise the awareness of the causes and tragic outcomes of bullying. It has also recently been made into a compelling feature film, “Hello Herman”, featuring Norman Reedus and Garrett Backstrom. The film, which will be in theaters in 2013, was directed by Michelle Danner. We decided to put “Hello Herman” back to work to raise even more awareness about bullying, by creating educational tools, engaging promotions, the development of a community and other impactful events.


We know that educators and other leaders are critical partners to end bullying in our schools.  With that in mind, we have created the Hello Herman Educators’ Guide, a curriculum support tool that offers thought-provoking discussion questions and engaging post-reading activity ideas to extend students’ experience with Hello Herman.  It is our hope that during and after reading the play, teachers will use the guide to generate a dialogue into the personal, cultural and societal issues surrounding bullying, and that students will be inspired to affect positive change in their school and community.  Part of our ongoing efforts include getting these tools and additional expertise into schools across the country to help end bullying.

Download the Hello Herman Educators’ Guide:


Our first foray to connect with students is to launch a national video contest where high school and college students can act out or creatively interpret scenes from “Hello Herman” — either as written, or as they should have been in a world without bullying. We are accepting entries into the video contest now and our theater group contest will be launching very soon.


We have created a forum at this site where anyone can come and safely talk about bullying. We understand that cyber-bullying is rampant out there and that many social sites are unsafe places for young people to raise their concerns.


We are working on local events to raise awareness of this critical issue. Stay tuned by joining The Project.

We hope that by raising the voices of thousands of young people across the country, that we will learn from them about bullying, and then come together and stop this national epidemic. Please join us and The Project to end bullying forever.

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